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Homophones and homonyms: How these word categories make for hilarious jokes

By Admin | Jan, 22 2015 |  | 

Could you bear to stand tall next to a bear? What would it look like if you took on the bear with your own bare hands? While this paints a... Read More

You've been speaking Yiddish. Words of the English language that you didn't know were of Yiddish origin.

By Admin | Nov, 14 2014 |  | 

The fun part of a language is that it is not necessarily restricted to one language. Words are borrowed, shared, they evolve and are absorbed by other languages to do what they... Read More

Which witch are you talking about? Words that can lead to some pretty awkward situations.

By Admin | Nov, 14 2014 |  | 

Ordinarily, we can talk, or even spell our way out of tricky situations, but only when done right. It is always wise to watch out for those certain words that can leave us... Read More

5 English Words That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud.

By Admin | Aug, 31 2014 |  | 

It’s not every day that words in a dictionary leave you both laughing and spell bound. But today is one of those days. Here’s a selection of funny sounding words from the... Read More