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Svasti Dutta

Svasti Dutta, Delhi Public School Rohini, Delhi & NCR.

Look into the etymology of words. This is something that I was only able to devote a little time to- however, even that basic understanding did me a world of good.

READ! Honestly, that is the best advice I could give to anybody who has a penchant for words or spellings. The more combinations of 26 letters you see, the easier it’ll get to spell them, trust me.

Make sure you direct some of your focus towards to more unpredictable side of the English language. Does it end with –ance or –ence? Will there be a ‘z’ or an ‘s’? Figure it all out, so that you don’t miss out by just a single letter!
Yash Gupta

Yash Gupta, Disha Delphy Public School, Jaipur (KOTA).

a) Take special care of the following:
Winning words of Scripps spelling bee, geographical places, diseases, etc..

b) Practice from Oxford and Merriam Webster website.

C) Make maximum use of word origins by learning the root words, pronunciations etc

D) Make the dictionary your best friend. (I prefer Oxford advanced learners dictionary)
At last, enjoy the words!!! (Most important)