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Samyukta Shrivatsa

Samyukta Shrivatsa, PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore.

1. Mauerbauertraurigkeit – One of those nightmarish words, it means ‘an inexplicable urge to push even your closest friends away’. It is so rare that I couldn’t even find a valid pronunciation for it
2. Bloemfontein – Pronounced ‘Bloomfontane’, this one is quite a mouthful
3. Sprachgefuhl – Because simply saying ‘love of language’ instead of ‘Shprakgaful’ is just too mainstream
4. Bellwether – A word I misspelled during Season 7. There are just so many possible mistakes one can make on this one.
5. Weissnichtwo – It means ‘an unknown, imaginary place’
6. Oenophile – Pronounced ‘Ee-no-phyl’, this one presents a lot of challenges, which I tripped on in Season 7.
7. Prosciutto – Another one that sounds nothing like its spelling – pronounced ‘Pro-shoo-to’
8. Ouagadougou – Capital of Burkina Faso, it is pronounced ‘Oh-ga-doe-goe’
9. Feuilleton – This was a winning word in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, pronounced ‘f-ay -o-tone’
10. Aiguillette – An ornament on military uniforms.
Ananya Chakravarthi

Ananya Chakravarthi, The Oxford Senior Secondary School, CBSE, Bangalore.

1) Sauerkraut - It is a German dish of chopped pickled cabbage. I get confused with the 'a's, 'u's and the 'e'.
2) Reredos - It is an ornamental screen behind an altar. I sometimes spell it as 'Raredos' because the second 're' is silent.
3) Vichyssoise - It refers to a type of soup made of vegetables, cream and stock. The number of 's's confuse me.
4) Pastime - Although made from 'pass' and 'time', there is only one 's' in the spelling.
5) Engysseismology - It is a branch of seismology that deals with the record of earthquake shocks. Once again, the 's's is where I tend to mess up.
6) Taoiseach - The Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland. Surprisingly, its pronunciation is quite different - 'tishak'.
7) Duranguense - It is a genre of Mexican music. Although it doesn't look so complex, I sometimes get stuck while spelling it aloud.
8) Rococo - It is a style of art, decoration or architecture. I always think that there's got to be a double 'c' consecutively somewhere, but the spelling's pretty simple.
9) Coquelicot - This is a colour, specifically a shade of red. I mess up the spelling because of its pronunciation - 'kooklicoh'
10) Prosopopoeia - A figure of speech in which an abstract thing is personified. Due to the word being a bit long, there's a chance of misspelling it aloud.
11) Pizzoccheri - It is basically a type of pasta. Do remember - there are two 'c's in there!
12) Chardonnay - It is a variety of wine grape. The spelling has two 'n's in it, which I sometimes confuse with a single 'n'.
13) Sahrawian - It generally means 'from the desert', but as you would guess, it refers to the Sahara desert. I tend to link it with the spelling of 'Sahara', so it often misleads me.
14) Xeriscaping - It is a type of landscaping or gardening that reduces the amount of water used. The spelling is quite simple, but I end up making it more complex!
15) Ctenoid - It is a term referring to something rough-edged. The spelling should be easy if you don't miss out on the silent 'c'!
16) Chthonian - It refers to the beings that dwell beneath the earth. I consider this word to be a beauty because of its bizarre spelling. It can be pronounced as 'thonic' as well as 'kuhthonic'.
17) Sforzando - It means a sudden or marked emphasis. This word is simply beautiful because of its unconventional spelling.
18) Wuxia - A genre of Chinese fiction or cinema. The pronunciation is so much more easy but perplexing - 'wusha'.
19) Wykehamist - Relating to WInchester College. Its pronunciation is ridiculously simple - 'wikamist'.
20) Callirrhoe - A Greek mythological character. There are two 'l's and two 'r's in there.