Welcome to Classmate Spellbee Level 3

  • This semi-final contains 2 sets of questions.
  • Set 1 contains 60 questions and Set 2 contains 40 questions. You have 10 minutes to complete each set. 
  • You must attempt answering each multiple-choice question.
  • You will need to answer each question by selecting the correct option out of the four available options displayed for each question. You can select the correct option by clicking on it. You may change your choice at any point of time before clicking the ‘Finish Test’ button. 
  • The timer will begin once you click on the ‘Take the Test’ button below.
  • The questions are arranged in a horizontal format. To move on to the next questions or to return a previous question please use the ‘next’ or ‘back’ buttons and not the ‘Finish Test’ button. To complete the test and register your score with us, click on the ‘Finish Test’ button. 
  • You can submit your answers before the stipulated time of 600 seconds expires.
  • As soon as you complete answering Set 1 questions the system will automatically reset the timer and Set 2 questions will begin.
  • This test can be attempted only once. However, if you face any technical issues while attempting the test for the first time (E.g. Loss of electricity, computer malfunction or any other technical concern) you will need to inform our representative at the venue about the same. If they find the reason for your second attempt justified, you can take the test for a second time. Your second attempt’s scores will be taken into consideration.
  • To participate please enter your login details in the fields given below and click on the ‘Take the Test’ button to proceed.
  • The highest scorer from the Set 1 test will be the city winners. Top 10 scorers from 30 cities will form the pool for Set 2 evaluation. The top 16 scorers in set 2 test from this pool of 300 kids will be invited for the national finale.